5 Reasons Why email Marketing is an Effective Digital Marketing Tool

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of a digital marketing campaign, yet it is one of the most effective tools today. Though there are many new digital marketing tools available, businesses cannot ignore the benefits of email marketing. Here are the reasons why email marketing is so effective even today.

You can reach mobile customers easily

The use of mobile devices has increased. A majority of people now access their emails using mobile devices. So, you can reach a lot of customers through email marketing now.

It is affordable

Email marketing is very cost effective. You can reach a large number of potential customers with a very small budget. It is a better choice than other digital marketing campaigns in terms of budget.

You can market your products timely

Through email marketing, you can send customers a special discount on their birthday or you can let them know about the seasonal offers. You can inform them about holiday discounts or end of year sale.

It helps to build relationships

Using email marketing you can develop a strong relationship with your customers. You can collect a lot of information about them and use these to provide effective and personalized offers. People like customization; you can send customized emails to prospective customers and offer them things that they are looking for.

It is measurable

Email marketing is measurable. You can find out how many people have opened your email and how many of them have actually clicked on the link you have provided. This helps you to develop your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing campaigns are very easy to setup. You can also use this campaign along with your social media campaign. Email marketing will be an important digital marketing tool in future also.